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Evidence and Paul’s Journeys: An Historical Investigation into the Journeys of the Apostle Paul (2001/2019)

Now in its second edition, this book is a study of the relationship of historical evidence to the record of the Apostle Paul’s journeys in both the Acts of the Apostles and in Paul’s letters. These two sources contain many dozens of historical details about Paul’s travels throughout the eastern Roman Empire during the middle of the first century, details that can be confirmed as being true. Evidence and Paul’s Journeys is a brief, but in-depth, examination of that historical evidence.

To read excerpts from this book, see Evidence and Paul’s Journeys.

The Political Theory of Christ And Its Creation of Our World (2015)

In this book, I argue that Christ’s political teaching necessarily entails a complete theory of politics. The radical distinction that Christ makes between the authority of Caesar and the authority of God prefigures and defines the political history of the West. That political history is primarily the story of a deepening separation of powers, first between the church and the state, but then also within both church and state. And while modern constitutional government entails the deepest institutional separation of powers ever attempted, that is now being superseded by an even deeper separation: that between individual human beings. I conclude by arguing that our political future thus entails the creation of an even deeper, and more novel, separations of power.

To read two chapters of this book, see: The Political Theory of Christ.

Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy (2018)

In this brief book of 110 pages, I argue that progressivism is only secondarily a system of belief. It is primarily an attempted rationalization of centralized political and social authority. Thus, if we radically decentralize society, that is the same thing as destroying progressivism. And our ability to radically decentralize society is now very real. It is the next step in the technological revolution.

Creating a Pagan Theocracy: Modern Science (2015)

This essay of 36 pages is also Chapter 16 in The Political Theory of Christ. In the essay, I argue that most philosophers and historians of science no longer consider science to be a revelation of reality, but only an attempt to model reality. I then argue, following philosopher Roy Clouser, that all theories, including all scientific theories, are forms of religious belief.

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