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Evidence and Paul’s Journeys by Jefferson White

Reviews of the First Edition (2001):

“It is very encouraging to see that the most recent research that is not readily available to the Christian who is nevertheless keen to place the Book of Acts in its first-century setting has been so carefully gathered together and presented in such a readable form. Jefferson White is to be commended for rendering such a service and his book deserves a wide audience.”

– Dr. Bruce Winter, Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge, Series Editor of the six volume study The Book of Acts In Its First Century Setting

“When I received Evidence and Paul’s Journeys in the mail, I planned on skimming it for a minute or two and putting it on the shelf. That was a big mistake. Once I began, I could not put it down. The book encouraged my soul, not only about the historical facticity of the book of Acts, but also in making the events vivid and real. An open minded skeptic would benefit from this book and a convinced believer will enjoy the reality it breathes into the Acts narrative.”

– J. P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, Author of – Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul

“Jefferson White compares the New Testament texts, original sources and a swath of the scholarly literature to test rigorously the historicity of the Apostle’s travels. The result is a solid inventory of facts, sound conclusions and a sprinkle of inspired, delightful insights which converge impressively to convince the reader that the biblical accounts are consistently reliable.”

– John Mauck, Lawyer and Author
Paul on Trial: The Book of Acts as a Defense of Christianity 

“Jefferson White’s Evidence and Paul’s Journeys: An Historical Investigation Into The Travels Of The Apostle Paul is a comprehensive guide and a fascinating survey to Paul’s travels for the purpose of spreading the message that the Messiah had arrived and his name was Jesus. Written specifically for the non-specialist general reader, Evidence and Paul’s Journeys is a complete and detailed examination of the historical evidence for Paul’s journeys and related activities in founding and advising Christian communities. Very highly recommended for personal, small group, and parochial school studies, each evidential point presented in Evidence and Paul’s Journeys is scrupulously footnoted to a comprehensive and scholarly appendix that aptly serves as a basis for further study making it ideal for personal and small group New Testament studies.” – Internet Bookwatch, April 2001
Published by the Midwest Book Review 

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